Ruth Magan travels the world sharing spiritual knowledge through workshops (playshops) and seminars-all presented with a lighthearted touch. She is the author of:

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As a professional speaker, with over 30 years' experience-Ruth has spoken about spirituality, 2012 and beyond-through radio, television, seminars and workshops here and abroad. Ruth will often have several workshops and seminars scheduled. Request to have your name and information added to the mailing list under contact.

If no workshops are currently scheduled you can contact Ruth to set up or host a workshop! Information on the seminars and workshops offered by Ruth are available under workshops.

Ruth travels the world sharing spiritual knowledge with a lighthearted touch. She feels that a lighthearted approach to spirituality helps one to lighten up and paves a smoother path toward enlightenment. Her passionate curiosity for understanding humanity, higher truths and All That Is keeps her on the eternal quest to find answers through spirituality.

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Free Literature

My Angel, My Friend

Clearing The 13 Fear Cells

Protection Meditation