Ruth’s first book, Laughing With Angels is a delightful book filled with spiritual truths, like no other! It blends wisdom and humor with true stories about how easy and natural it is to have a meaningful, real relationship with spirit guides and angels—even without psychic gifts or special training.

The author has an innocent, yet very humorous way of making connections effortless, joyous and playful. Her ability to present our spirit guides and angels as real and accessible is refreshing, enlightening and even laugh-out-loud funny. You will be delighted and fascinated as you frolic through her shared spiritual experiences, while finding answers to spiritual questions.

After writing Laughing With Angels, her spirit guides and angels encouraged her to write a book for children. My Angel, My Friend is a gentle, colorful picture book that introduces children to the concept that they have a guardian angel. The book is printed with organic ink on acid-free paper.

Ruth wrote Visions of Earth Beyond 2012 after Dawon Washington channeled for her to write a book that gave people hope for times coming and higher truths about this amazing time period. The information was trans-channeled by Dawon, while Ruth asked questions that she felt all will need or want to know about this shift to a higher dimensional reality. The book is easy to read, answers just about every question and is laced with humor. (You don’t want to take anything too seriously—including this great big shift!)

Ruth is currently working on her second children’s book titled Our Fun, Feel-Better Book. It is a playbook for children who are dealing with a catastrophic illness or a tragic event. This book will give the child and their parents a positive, creative focus during difficult times.

Find Ruth's humorous story in Chicken Soup for the Empty Nesters titled Teen Angles (not angels).

Books Available for Order

Laughing With Angels Written by Ruth Magan
This book will help you to learn how to create a personal, playful relationship with your Angels & Guides. Discover a light-hearted way to make your relationship with your angels and spirit guides real and meaningful. Come along on a joyful journey that blends wisdom and humor with practical examples of how easy and natural it is to have a relationship with those on The Other Side. Find answers to your spiritual questions. Be prepared to never feel lonely again. (325 pages of light-hearted reading)

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Visions of Earth Beyond 2012 Writen by Ruth Magan & Dawon Washington
This book is like no other! A must read. It gives profound information about what our Earth will be like up to and after 2012. Answers to questions about our shift, or ascension, into a whole new reality are addressed with clarity and humor. Be prepared! Amazing times are ahead! (327 pages of easy-to-read text)

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My Angel, My Friend Illustrated & Written by Ruth Magan
All children need to feel safe and secure, especially during tumultuous times. It is very comforting for them to know they have a special guardian angel to love and watch over them. This colorful book will delight both children and adults. Poems and directions to make a simple, cloth angel puppet are included. (44 pages, 8" X 12")

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Empty Nesters  
This terrific book is a must read for empty nesters or soon-to-be empty nesters. It contains 101 stories written by parents who have been there already and share their stories with new empty nesters. These heartfelt stories will inspire, support, and amuse parents grappling with their own bittersweet new freedom. The book also includes stories from the kids themselves, providing the view from the other side. Parents will nod their heads, cry a little, and laugh a lot as they recognize themselves and their almost grown-up children in these stories. (380 pages)

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